Wellness Consulting

Meet Ayrn


Why wellness? Why is this happening to me? Why is my body doing that? Why ISN’T my body doing this, lol? How do I fix it, or WHO can fix it and make it better? These type of questions as a young girl began my health journey into wanting to know WHAT THE HECK was going on and how I could heal myself, or at least what direction to take a step in. I grew up, the 2nd of 5 children, all the rest being boys, with 2 aunts that were nurses and LOTS of sports going on. Someone was always hurt, sick, or getting better at any given moment and as the only daughter, I was usually the one playing nursemaid- or at least paying attention as to what to do.

I knew I LOVED learning about the body and medicine, but not necessarily enough to want to be a doctor. Even at a young age, I figured out that I didn’t want to be “on call” in order to help people with their health like doctors and health professionals do. After my parents divorced and we found ourselves on welfare, I knew I wanted to create an income that had no limits, financially OR geographically, since we moved a lot and had to “start over” quite a few times. This led me into the study of Sports Medicine and specifically, Athletic Training at Michigan State University. While in the Kinesiology Masters Program, I realized that the weight room was a lot more fun to be in than the training room, and dove into Strength & Conditioning. This is when I got sick.

Mono in high school was no big deal, but no one told me that one autoimmune situation opens the flood gates for more to come. After missing school and suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein Barr Virus and multiple stomach issues that Western Medicine couldn’t pinpoint or diagnose, a fellow ATC invited me to check out a Wellness Center and yoga. HELLO! Mind body blown! Yoga was like my body and mind were just meeting each other for the first time- and my mind was allowed to ride shotgun to just OBSERVE and listen. Next step was nutrition and REALLY paying attention to WHAT I was feeding this body- and of course, the mind. I was hooked and hyped by how it could all tie together with a huge red bow.

After completing my Masters studies at MSU, I relocated to Floridahhhh. In college we helped our athletes by giving them special lights for SAD (seasonal affect disorder). In Florida, I could get all the vitamin D AND SEA that my body and spirit craved! I quickly grew a successful business personal training with a boutique style; PERSONAL being the emphasis with nutritional consulting, mind-body awareness, work and lifestyle coaching. We incorporated the works of Pilates, Yoga, and my love of strength training for the body AND brain. Nutrition- NOT DIETING- became a major factor in my physical and mental health, and mindset took even more of the center stage. I became a nutritionist focusing on performance and mentoring for success.

This led me to the core of how what goes into our body, physically and mentally, becomes who we are. It starts with what we FEED ourselves and what we bathe in: with our food, friends, and surroundings. Our habits and routines create us. So the real question is, HAVE YOU CREATED THE PERSON AND LIFE YOU WANT? If not, it’s ok! Life is like a river, you’ll never swim in the same waters twice. It’s fluid and ever changing, so we always have the opportunity to reroute that GPS. If you DO have the life you want and are the person you want to be, can you make it just a little better? Like polishing a diamond, when you hold one side to polish, the other side isn’t getting the full attention to detail. And that’s alright. Both sunshine and shade are needed for life to be blended and dare I say- balanced. SO, if any of this makes sense to you, let’s connect!